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The UASU's LEAD Centre provides multiple pathways to leadership development for University of Alberta undergraduate students, graduate students, and community members. Our programs offer practical training grounded in researched models of leadership to facilitate transferable skills. We pursue an equity-centred approach to leadership development and education by adapting and responding to the needs of students. Therefore, we engage in an ongoing process of improvement through community engagement, feedback, and critical reflection. We do not graduate or create leaders; we provide a foundation of skills and self-understanding to support students' aspirations for affecting change.


The UASU's LEAD Centre creates a campus community where all students can access leadership programming that suits their needs and supports their goals. Guided by the UASU’s core values, we empower students to create change within themselves, social circles, and communities. Our services are future-oriented, which means we strive to inspire current and future students to use their skills in a way that serves their communities both now and later.


Accessible: We believe that students should be able to participate in programs and every effort should be made to remove barriers that would prevent students from full participation. Therefore, we will consider the barriers created by cost, transportation, physical space, language, and cultural context.

Inclusive: We believe that creating an environment that honours unique experiences and supports exploration of ideas leads to more impactful learning and relationships. Therefore, we strive to create a space where a plethora of views and realities can safely be shared and explored. Our programming encourages students to challenge pre-existing beliefs and to reflect on other viewpoints.

Adaptive: We believe that in order to remain effective, we must be able to change along with the community we find ourselves in. Therefore, we will collect feedback, assess programs, keep abreast of current trends in leadership education, and listen to students.

Collaborative: We believe that programs benefit from diverse perspectives and that involving relevant members of the community leads to stronger programs. Therefore, we will work with students and staff to build programs.

Student-Centered: We believe that our programs must aim to serve and support students. Therefore, we will involve students in co-creation and advocate for changes that maximise benefits to students.

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