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Name: Loic Cremer
Availibility: I am available after 9AM on Mondays and Thursdays, between 9AM and 11AM as well as after 3PM on Tuesdays, after 12PM on Wednesdays, and until 4PM on Fridays. My weekends are open and flexible.
Rate: $35.00
Courses: JAPAN 101, JAPAN 102, JAPAN 201, BIOL 108, PALEO 200, STAT 151, DRAMA 102, DRAMA 103, DRAMA 203, DRAMA 208, DRAMA 308, DRAMA 383, DRAMA 409, WRITE 295, WRITE 393, WRITE 395, MLCS 399, C LIT 210, RELIG 103, High School English 10, High School English 20, High School English 30, High School Social Studies 10, High School Social Studies 20, High School Social Studies 30, High School Math 10, High School Science 10, High School Biology 20, High School Biology 30, High School Physics 20, High School Physics 30,
Name: Joe Lema
Availibility: Evenings and weekends.
Rate: $25.00
Courses: PSYCO 233, C LIT 228, PSYCO 339, WRITE 395, C LIT 297, PSYCO 405, PSYCO 436, WRITE 395, C LIT 343, DRAMA 361, PSYCO 435
Name: Parker Lapointe
Availibility: I am available on weekday evenings and possibly weekends if need be. I am very flexible so feel free to contact me about times that you are interested in. I typically tutor on campus at U of A but I'm also available online!
Rate: $15.00
Courses: High School English 10-1, High School English 20-1, High School English 30-1, ENGL 102, ENGL 103, DRAMA 102

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