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Name: Christian Zukowski
Availibility: I am generally flexible with when I am available to tutor, please reach out to arrange a time!
Rate: $30.00
Courses: High School English 10, High School English 20, High School English 30, High School Social Studies 20, High School Social Studies 30, High School English Extended Essay (IB), High School Social Sciences Theory of Knowledge (IB), High School Social Sciences Western World History 35, High School Fine Arts Instrumental Music 10, High School Fine Arts Instrumental Music 20, High School Fine Arts Instrumental Music 30, High School Fine Arts Instrumental Jazz 10, ENGL 102, HIST 111, NS 240, NS 442, PHIL 125, POL S 211, POL S 224, POL S 225, POL S 235, POL S 261, POL S 324, POL S 390, POL S 419, RELIG 497, SOC 100, SOC 225
Name: Sana Khurram
Availibility: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I will only be tutoring virtually (via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.) Please feel free to contact me with your availability so we can set up a schedule that works well for you! I can be reached via email or text. FIRST SESSION IS FREE! :)
Rate: $30.00
Courses: High School Social Studies 10-1, High School Fine Arts Art 20, High School Fine Arts Art 30, High School Fine Arts Portfolio Art 35, SOC 100, SOC 224, PSYCO 104, PSYCO 354, PSYCO 403, PSYCO 405, EAS 201, LING 101, ANTHR 101, ENGL 102, ENGL 103, Editing , Writing , Exam Prep , BIOL 322, PSYCO 350

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