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Name: Jingyi Zhang
Rate: $None
Courses: FIN 412, FIN 413, MGTSC 312, MATH 241, ECON 299
Name: Anshita Patel
Availibility: Monday and Friday 3:30-6:30 pm. Please e-mail me if these times do not work for you and we could arrange for another time.
Rate: $30.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, ACCTG 412, STAT 151, ECON 101, ECON 102, ECON 281, FIN 301, FIN 412, FIN 413, MGTSC 312
Name: Vishal Vekaria
Availibility: M F- 12am-4pm W- 1pm-4pm T R- 1PM-4pm For the above timings i am available on campus.Email or call me for more information. Saturday and Sunday i am available and sessions could be setup.
Rate: $30.00
Courses: STAT 151, ECON 101, ECON 102, ACCTG 311, MGTSC 312, MARK 301
Name: Toan Nguyen
Availibility: This semester, I will do online tutoring on Google Hangouts and Zoom. I am very flexible with time. Please contact me to arrange a meeting for the tutor at tmn@ualberta.ca
Rate: $30.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, MGTSC 312, ECON 101, ECON 102, AUSTA 153, STAT 151, AUMAT 120, MATH 125,
Name: Aaron Wilde
Availibility: I am very flexible and I can meet at a time that is most convenient for you. **All sessions will be virtual and held over zoom**
Rate: $30.00
Courses: High School Math 10-1, High School Math 20-1, High School Math 30-1, High School Math 31, High School Science 10-1, High School Physics 20-1, High School Physics 30-1, High School Chemistry 20-1, High School Chemistry 30-1, ECON 101, ECON 102, MATH 154, STAT 151, PSYCO 104, SOC 225, MARK 301, MGTSC 312, ACCTG 311
Name: Paul Lee
Availibility: MWF Anytime after 1PM, Tuesday/Thursday Anytime after 4PM, Saturday/Sunday All day Please email me if you have any questions! Thank you!
Rate: $30.00
Courses: ECON 101, ECON 281, MGTSC 312, FIN 301, MATH 154, ENGG 130, High School Math 10, High School Math 20, High School Math 30, High School Physics 20, High School Physics 30

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