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Hearing loss affects a child’s development of receptive and expressive communication skills. The language deficit causes learning problems that result in reduced academic achievement. Communication difficulties often lead to social isolation and low self-esteem. Different tools and methodologies are used by organizations to conduct formal and informal teaching and to help such children integrate into mainstream life through inclusion.

Volunteers in this project will work with speech and hearing impaired children and will be involved in any of the following activities:
• Classroom teaching: Spoken and written English, Mathematics, Geography, etc.
• Extra-curricular activities: Sports, Games, Drawing, etc.
• Assisting in Computer reporting work, Photo/video documentation
• Providing training to children on life skills, health and personal hygiene

A creative approach to work is useful and you will have the opportunity to initiate new mini projects or activities. Volunteers are expected to be flexible, good at multitasking and prepared to undertake variety of tasks. We welcome ideas for teaching different kinds of activities such as games, songs, arts and crafts or sports and athletics to the children.

More info at: http://cadip.org/volunteering-in-india

Short-term volunteer projects in India: http://cadip.org/volunteer-in-india


18 and over years of age - motivated to work for a charity project within an international team, tolerant, open-minded and cooperative person with adventurous spirit.
No specific skills or experience required.


There will be an orientation meeting on the first day of the project.


Having a volunteer experience as a part of your resume will definitely improve your chances when applying for a job, university, or learning program. Employers and admissions committees value volunteering highly because it signals your commitment, flexibility, patience, ability for teamwork. Employers, job-searching companies, and admissions officers know and frequently emphasize the importance of having volunteer experience. Upon request, CADIP will issue a certificate evidencing your volunteer commitment.

Duration: Ongoing
Faculty: ALES (Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences) All Faculties Arts Augustana Business Campus Saint-Jean Education Engineering Law Library and Information Studies Medicine and Dentistry Native Studies Nursing Pharmacy Public Health Rehabilitation Medicine Science
Location: Outside Canada


Name: Program coordinator
Phone: 780-638-2500
Email: cadip@cadip.org



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