Bylaws and Policies

Political Policy Tuition

Expires: April 30, 2020

1 Facts

  1. The Government of Alberta has shown an increased awareness of the importance of post-secondary education in our province.
  2. The Government of Alberta has the duty to fund the cost of a postsecondary education system that has the capacity for all eligible individuals to participate given the increased importance of an educated populace and the growing demands of an emerging knowledge economy.
  3. The current tuition levels and costs of obtaining a post-secondary education are contrary to the values of a public post-secondary education system;.
  4. It is essential that the Government of Alberta craft a policy recognizing the need to alleviate the financial burdens borne by Albertaʼs students in accessing the post-secondary education system.

2 Resolutions

  1. The Studentsʼ Union –shall advocate for a tuition policy that:
    1. Provides long-term, sustained base operating funding for our universities that will be protected from negative changes in our governmentʼs financial situation;
    2. Protects tuition from increasing due to fluctuations in funding grants to the university from the government;
    3. Ensures tuition levels are predictable;
    4. Has as its primary indicator of affordability the ability of students to pay without having to accrue the burden of debt;
    5. Provides for the fact that tuition is only one of the costs of pursuing a post- secondary education; and
    6. Ensures that no student will ever be denied the opportunity to pursue post- secondary education because of their inability to pay.
  2. The Studentsʼ Union –shall advocate that the Government of Alberta legislate a policy on tuition fees that:
    1. Provides strict guidance to an institution’s ability to set tuition, including annual and ultimate limits on the maximum amount of tuition fees that can be levied on students;
    2. Requires post-secondary institutions to provide to the Board of Governors of the institution, the Auditor General of Alberta and the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education a detailed and verifiably transparent public plan on how additional tuition revenues will be spent.
  3. The Students’ Union will not support increasing tuition and will work towards a reduction of any tuition increase at the University of Alberta Board of Governors.