Bylaws and Policies

Political Policy Students In Governance

Expires: April 30, 2022

1 Facts

  1. Undergraduate students know their needs best.
  2. The undergraduate population at the University of Alberta is diverse in its background, experiences, and composition.
  3. Integrating student voices within committees and boards at the University of Alberta is essential to effective Undergraduate representation.
  4. There are over 1000 representative positions filled by undergraduates at the University of Alberta.
  5. Undergraduate student associations are self-governing organizations that exist to advocate for the students they represent. They derive their delegated authority through the Students’ Union from the Post Secondary Learning Act.
  6. Faculty and department support is valued by the Students’ Union and student organizations.
  7. Student representatives’ activities supplement the educational experiences of students.
  8. Undergraduate students are required to balance their academic, personal, and professional lives along with their representative activities.
  9. Decisions taken with the best interests of the institution in mind must reflect the interests of its largest stakeholder, undergraduate students.
  10. Undergraduate feedback is required and essential to inform University policies of their impact towards students on campus.

2 Resolutions

  1. The Students’ Union shall advocate that the University value undergraduate student representatives through fair and equitable treatment.
  2. The Students’ Union shall advocate for increased training and support for undergraduate student representatives both at the Students’ Union and the University Governance level.
  3. The Students’ Union shall advocate for appropriate and fair academic accommodations for student representatives.
  4. The Students’ Union shall advocate for increased representation on committee and boards, whose mandates pertain to student issues.
  5. The Students’ Union shall advocate against the elimination of undergraduate student representative positions at any level unless doing so has direct benefits to students.
  6. The Students’ Union shall ensure the University fulfils their obligation to continuously consult student representatives on any issue academic, administrative, operational or otherwise that impacts students.
  7. The University of Alberta shall refer to the Student Participation Handbook Process, a document outlining how to seek consensus with respect to the meaning and requirements of consultation with Undergraduate Students.
  8. The Students’ Union shall encourage faculties and departments to engage and support their student organizations, provided their independence is not perceived to be compromised and they continue to be driven by students.
  9. The Students’ Union shall actively communicate to the University the value of student representatives, and student representative groups in collegial governance and effective decision making for our campus community.
  10. The Students’ Union shall actively seek and create opportunities to reduce barriers to student participation in University governance, especially for underrepresented groups.
  11. The Students’ Union shall take steps to ensure that University committees provide value for student representatives and best utilize their role as a voice for students.
  12. The Students’ Union shall celebrate the hard work done by undergraduate student representatives across our campuses.