Bylaws and Policies

Political Policy Residence

Expires: April 30, 2022

1 Facts

  1. Residents require livable spaces in compliance with the Province of Alberta’s Minimum Housing Standards.
  2. Residents pay for and expect quality services such as laundry and kitchen appliances.
  3. Residents need to be able to schedule around maintenance staff entering their units.
  4. Residence services should follow clear deadlines with respect to inspections and notice of entry.
  5. Residents have the opportunity to be present during move-in, interim, and move-out inspections.
  6. Residence Associations are student representative associations and should have the opportunity to make decisions on behalf of and provide programs for their constituents.
  7. Residence Associations require office space, living space, the ability to communicate with their constituents, and clear guidelines as to their jurisdiction.
  8. Residence Association finances require transparent and efficient fee collection, financial regulation, administration, and support in order to function.
  9. Shared residence on University properties are exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act (1).

2 Resolutions

  1. The Students’ Union will advocate for accessible, affordable, clean, comfortable, and secure residences for students.
  2. The Students’ Union will advocate for quality residence services and fair processes for students.
  3. The Students’ Union will oppose rent and food plan increases beyond CPI unless increased funds benefit students living in residence directly.
  4. The Students’ Union will advocate that the residence fee schedule be consistent with respect to expenses and approved in a transparent manner.
  5. The Students’ Union will advocate for the fair treatment and support of Residence Associations, so that they can best fulfil their mandate.
  6. The Students’ Union will advocate that the Government of Alberta provide capital funds toward the development of additional student housing, only when such capital funds demonstrate a commitment to affordable housing​.
  7. The Students’ Union will advocate for clear timelines on deferred maintenance in residences.
  8. The Students Union will advocate that shared University residences be included under provincial regulation or legislation.

(1) Government of Alberta. Accessed Jan. 30, 2018. “RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES ACT”. Queens Access Printer.