Bylaws and Policies

Political Policy Public Transit

Expires: April 30, 2020

1 Facts

  1. Public transit is a common mode of transportation used by University of Alberta students that benefits the quality of life of all members in the community.
  2. The U-Pass is to be implemented in the academic years consistent with the referendum conditions.
  3. The post-secondary bus pass provides a more affordable public transit option for students than a regular adult pass.
  4. Public transit expansion would allow improved access for University of Alberta students to commute within the service area.
  5. Smartfare technology would reduce the possibility for U-pass fraud and reduce the need for a U-Pass replacement fee.
  6. Students who are employed with the University are not eligible for employee transit benefits. That leaves student employees who are not enrolled in a class for the spring/summer semester without a more affordable option than the adult bus pass.
  7. Students often feel unsafe using public transit.

2 Resolutions

  1. The Studentsʼ Union advocates that the regional municipalities and transit services carefully monitor service demand arising from U-pass implementation, consider input from stakeholders and commit all resources necessary to maintain reliable, safe and timely service.
  2. The Studentsʼ Union negotiates a new, long-term U-Pass contract to be implemented upon the expiry of the current contract.
  3. The Students’ Union advocates for the integration of Smartfare technology into the ONECard system.
  4. The Studentsʼ Union advocates that the regional municipalities and transit services expand their current service systems, prioritizing the implementation of Smartfare technology, to better meet the needs of the University of Alberta students.
  5. The Students’ Union advocates to and works with the University and relevant stakeholders to ensure that students employed by the University, but not currently enrolled in classes, be provided with a more affordable alternative than the adult bus pass.