Bylaws and Policies

Political Policy Internationalization

Expiry: April 30, 2022

1 Facts

  1. A diverse student body and institutional internationalization is a fundamental feature of a high-quality university education. 
  2. International students pay more tuition than domestic students. 
  3. The transfer credit system plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of international students’ education at the University of Alberta. 
  4. There were 494,525 international students in Canada in 2017, representing a 119% increase since 2010, and an increase of 20% over the previous year[1].
  5. $11.4 billion worth of expenditure was put into the Canadian economy in 2014 from international students[2].
  6. The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) 2015 International Student Survey (ISS) indicated that over 50% of international students intend to apply for permanent residency[3].
  7. In Canada, one‑quarter of international students who arrived in the 1990s and 2000s transitioned into permanent residency within 10 years of obtaining their first study permit[4].
  8. The rate of international students transitioning from temporary to permanent resident status in the past decade has not kept up with the pace of international student enrollment in Canadian post secondary institutions. 
  9. International Students are required to meet English Language Requirements in order to be admitted to the University of Alberta. 
  10. The associated consequences of charges under both the Code of Student Behaviour and the Code of Applicant Behaviour may be more severe for International students, who pay more tuition and rely on a student visa to remain in Canada. 
  11. As of 2018, International students are disproportionately affected by food insecurity and disproportionately access the Campus Food Bank services. 
  12. International students have less access to merit-based and need-based aid, and do not have access to Government of Alberta student loans[5].
  13. Renewable scholarships for international students are important for their academic financial planning and cannot be regained if lost. 
  14. Post-secondary institutions may charge international students more than the cost of their education. 
  15. The International Differential Fee limits the geographic diversity of our International students. 
  16. The Government of Alberta does not require educational institutions to charge International Differential Fees (IDFs), which are not regulated by The Public Post-Secondary Institutions Tuition Fees Regulation.

2 Resolutions

  1. The Studentsʼ Union shall advocate for accessible, affordable, and predictable postsecondary education for international students at the University of Alberta.
  2. The Students’ Union shall advocate for the University of Alberta to provide clear and transparent transfer credit processes at the faculty, Campus Alberta, national, and international levels.
  3. The Students’ Union shall advocate that the University of Alberta provides adequate information and resources to inform international students on their tuition and any subsequent changes to such tuition or non-academic fees.
  4. The Students’ Union shall advocate the University of Alberta to improve access to merit-based and need-based aid for international students. Aid should include, but not be excluded to, such funding as scholarships, bursaries, and awards.
  5. The Studentsʼ Union shall not support the Board of Governors of the University of Alberta increasing International Differential Fees (IDF’s).
  6. The Students’ Union shall not support any increases in English language requirements without consulting International student organizations first.
  7. The Students’ Union shall advocate to the federal government that it raise the cap on student aid available for international students.
  8. The Students’ Union shall advocate that the provincial government begin providing Student Financial Aid to international students in the form of student loans, bursaries, scholarships, or awards.
  9. The Students’ Union shall advocate that the University of Alberta provide trauma informed support services available to accommodate complex international issues and climates.
  10. The Student’s Union shall advocate for an increase in renewable scholarships for international students.

3 References