Bylaws and Policies

Nominating Committee Standing Orders

1 Mandate

  1. The Nominating Committee shall act as a standing committee of Students’ Council. The Committee:
    1. Shall solicit and review applications from Students’ Union members for student-at-large representative positions on General Faculties Council and its subcommittees, University advisory committees, University executive hiring committees, and the Senate;
    2. Shall recommend to Council the appointment of undergraduate student-at-large positions to serve on General Faculties Council subcommittees, University advisory committees, University executive hiring committee, and the Senate;
    3. Shall recommend to Council the appointment of undergraduate students to serve on General Faculties Council when seats remain vacant after a by-election;
    4. Holds the authority to determine the criteria and application process for student-at-large representative positions appointed by Students’ Council.

2 Meetings

  1. Quorum of the Nominating Committee shall be four (4) voting members.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall meet once at the beginning of the year to
    1. Elect a Chair;
    2. Approve Standing Orders
  3. The Nominating Committee shall meet to make decisions regarding:
    1. The removal and/or replacement of a Chair;
    2. Changes to Standing Orders
  4. Whenever called for by any member the Nominating Committee shall meet within seventy-two hours notice or agreement by all members of the committee as a whole.
  5. For the first meeting of the Committee in May, September and January, set out a meeting schedule for the following months.

3 Membership

  1. Membership shall consist of the following:
    1. Five (5) members of Students’ Council;
    2. The Vice-President (Academic);
    3. The Vice-President (External);
  2. Should a vacancy on the Nominating Committee occur, then the Committee shall recommend the nomination of additional member(s) to Students’ Council at its next meeting.
  3. Should the Chair of the Nominating Committee leave the voting membership of the Committee, the position of Chair shall be considered vacant and a new chair shall be elected at the next meeting.

4 Chair's Responsibilities and Duties

  1. The Chair:
    1. Shall ensure that there is an agenda for each meeting;
    2. Shall report any motions made at the Nominating Committee to Students’ Council;
    3. Shall relay all requests and applications to the Nominating Committee;
    4. Should the Chair be absent from a meeting of the Committee, the Committee shall elect an interim Chair from within its permanent voting membership for the duration of the meeting.
    5. Shall work with the Speaker and Administrative Assistant to ensure the logistical needs of Nominating Committee are met.
    6. The chair will take attendance orally twice each meeting, once during chairs business and once immediately prior to adjournment.

5 Member Responsibilities and Duties

  1. The Nominating Committee shall:
    1. Receive requests for the filling of empty student-at-large representative positions in the University and Students’ Union Committees;
      1. All requests must be sent to the chair of the Nominating Committee;
      2. The first order of business upon receiving a new request is deciding the application process and timeline;
    2. Ensure all General Faculties Council and General Faculties Council Standing Committee student-at-large representative positions are filled;
    3. The student body and staff at the University of Alberta can give recommendations for student-at-large positions in committees;
    4. Review applications to the Nominating Committee based on the immediacy of their meeting schedules.
  2. Members are required to attend all meetings of the Nominating Committee.

6 Proxies and Guests

  1. Members shall be considered present should a proxy be appointed and attends as per Bylaw 100, Section 15-5.
  2. To appoint a proxy to the Nominating Committee, the member thereof must provide a notice to that effect to the Chair of the Committee:
    1. Stating the name and e-mail address of the eligible member of Students’ Council who will serve as proxy,
    2. Indicating the duration of the appointment, and
    3. That is signed by the appointing member of the Committee or e-mailed to the Chair of the Committee no later than two hours prior to the Committee meeting.

7 Administration

  1. The Administrative Assistant of the Students’ Council will:
    1. Arrange a start-up meeting of Nominating Committee after the start-up meeting of Students’ Council and prior to the installation ceremony at the first meeting of Students’ Council.
    2. Book meeting rooms for meetings of the Committee.
    3. Book Minute Takers for each meeting of the Committee.
    4. Structure Agenda’s for each meeting based on the Orders of the Day submitted by members of the Committee and any referrals from Students’ Council.
    5. Notify the Committee of Meetings through the Agenda.
    6. Distribute the Agenda and Minutes to members of the Committee.
    7. Ensure paper copies of the Agenda are printed for the Chair to bring to each meeting as needed.

8 Records

  1. If a Recording Secretary is not present at the meeting, the Chair will assign the task of recording minutes to a member of the Committee.
  2. Members of the Committee may amend their comments in the minutes when the minutes are being approved by the Committee.

9 Rules of Order

  1. The Chair of the Nominating Committee will use their discretion in administering an informal style of Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct the business of the meeting.

10 Orders of the Day

  1. Right of Submission by Committee Members
    1. Any voting member of the Nominating Committee may submit Orders of the Day to be considered by Nominating Committee.
  2. Order of Business
    1. Introduction
      1. Call to Order
      2. Approval of Agenda
      3. Approval of Minutes
      4. Chair’s Business
    2. Question/Discussion Period
    3. Committee Business
    4. Information Items
    5. Adjournment
  3. Order of Orders of the Day
    1. Orders of the Day shall appear on the Order Paper in the order submitted or as otherwise designated by the Chair.
  4. Deadline for Submission
    1. Members shall send all items for each meeting Agenda to the Chair of the Nominating Committee at a designated time prior to the meeting agreed upon at the first meeting of the committee.
  5. Late Additions
    1. Late Additions may be added to the Order Paper, at the discretion of the Nominating Committee at the meeting, if the items of business cannot be postponed to a future meeting of the Committee.
  6. Deadline for Publishing
    1. The agenda package will be published in the following manner:
      1. An electronic version will be placed on the Students’ Union web page.
      2. Paper copies will be created and made available in the Students’ Union Executive/Administrative Offices upon request, and
      3. The Agenda package will be published no later than 4.30p.m. on the business day prior to the Committee meeting.

11 Standing Orders

  1. The Standing Orders of the Nominating Committee may be amended by a simple majority vote of the Committee, with such changes being reported to Students’ Council.
  2. The Standing Orders of the Nominating Committee do not expire, but shall be reintroduced at the Committee’s first meeting.

12 Confidentiality

  1. All members shall ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information that comes into their possession by virtue of their membership on the Nominating Committee.