Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw 6300

A Bylaw Respecting Granting Dedicated Fee Units

1 Amendments

  1. Any amendments to this Bylaw must be reported to each Granting Dedicated Fee Unit.

2 Definitions

  1. All definitions in Section 2 of the Bylaw Respecting Dedicated Fee Units shall read into Section 2 of this bylaw.
  2. “Granting Dedicated Fee Unit” shall refer to a Dedicated Fee Unit that uses one hundred percent of its Dedicated Fee Unit monies for granting.

3 Eligibility

  1. The following entities are eligible to initiate a referendum as per Bylaw 6100 to become a Granting Dedicated Fee Unit:
    1. University of Alberta Undergraduate Students.

4 Reporting

  1. All Granting Dedicated Fee Units shall upon request by the Finance Committee provide a report of their finances that includes:
    1. Proof of expenditures from the previous year’s grants, as requested;
    2. Evidence of compliance with all contracts with the Students’ Union; and
    3. Such other information as may be required by the Finance Committee.
  2. Granting Dedicated Fee Units must submit a list of successful applicants and how funds will be allocated amongst them to the Finance Committee for approval before funds may be disbursed to those applicants.
  3. Finance Committee shall approve or deny this list of successful grant applicants in its entirety, and may not target specific applicants for approval or denial.
  4. Finance Committee may only deny this list of applicants and withhold the Fee Unit’s funds if:
    1. Approving this list would result in a breach of the fiduciary responsibility of the Students’ Union;
    2. The list contradicts any restrictions or rules for use of the Granting Dedicated Fee Unit’s funds that exist in its Standing Orders, in the Finance Committee Standing Orders, or in this bylaw’s schedule; or
    3. There are significant concerns over misuse or unfair allocation of granting funds.