Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw 6200

A Bylaw Respecting Operational Dedicated Fee Units

1 Amendments

  1. Any amendments to this Bylaw must be reported to each Operational Dedicated Fee Unit.

2 Definitions

  1. All definitions in Section 2 of the Bylaw Respecting Dedicated Fee Units shall read into Section 2 of this bylaw.
  2. “Operational Dedicated Fee Unit” shall refer to a Dedicated Fee Unit that does not use one hundred percent of its monies for granting purposes.
  3. “Society” shall refer to a registered society under the Alberta Societies Act.

3 Eligibility

  1. The following entities are eligible to initiate a referendum as per Bylaw 6100 to become an Operational Dedicated Fee Unit:
    1. Registered student groups;
    2. Students’ Union services and operations; and
    3. Registered Societies.
  2. After becoming an Operational Dedicated Fee Unit, the group is required to transition to a Society within a year of the successful referendum in order to receive its funds.
  3. Groups will receive their funding their first year regardless of their status as a Society.
  4. An organization may only receive one Dedicated Fee Unit under this bylaw.

4 Reporting

  1. All Operational Dedicated Fee Units shall provide an annual report of their finances to the Finance Committee within six months of the end of their fiscal year.
  2. This report shall include:
    1. A budget illustrating how funds received from the Students’ Union reserve will be spent during the coming year;
    2. Its audited financial statements from the previous fiscal year;
    3. Evidence of compliance with all contracts with the Students’ Union;
    4. Evidence that they are fulfilling their mandate as described under this bylaw; and
    5. Such other information as may be required by the Finance Committee to determine whether it is fulfilling its mandate under this bylaw.
  3. Budgeted Fee Unit funds not spent in their entirety shall remain available in future year(s) for related purchases as originally deemed.
  4. Reserve funds carried over shall be accurately and openly presented on the audited financial statements.
  5. Operational Dedicated Fee Units must have their yearly audited financial statements, and board meeting minutes posted publicly online

5 Mandates

  1. The mandate of an Operational Dedicated Fee Unit will contain at minimum:
    1. The name of the society as registered under the Alberta Societies Act;
    2. A description of the primary operations and aims of the group;
    3. The purposes and/or projects that the money will fund; and
    4. Any restrictions or rules that apply to the use of that funding.
  2. Operational Dedicated Fee Unit mandates shall be reviewed by the Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance, or the Finance Committee as needed.
  3. Mandates may only be amended by:
    1. a joint resolution of Students’ Council and one other body, specified in the schedule; or
    2. Referendum.
  4. Mandates shall be included in the Schedule for Dedicated Fee Units.