Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw 6100

A Bylaw Respecting Dedicated Fee Units

1 Amendments

  1. Any amendments to this Bylaw must be reported to each Dedicated Fee Unit.

2 Definitions

  1. “Dedicated Fee Unit” shall refer to any entity that collects fees from students through the Students’ Union for the purposes of covering operating costs or providing grants under this bylaw.
  2. “Registered Student Group” shall refer to a student group at the University of Alberta that has successfully registered with Student Group Services.
  3. “Finance Committee” shall refer to the University of Alberta Students’ Union Finance Committee.
  4. "Bylaw Committee" shall refer to the University of Alberta Students' Union Bylaw Committee.
  5. “Referendum” shall refer to the definition in Bylaw 2200
  6. “CPI” shall refer to the Consumer Price Index for the Province of Alberta

3 Creation

  1. Dedicated Fee Units shall only be created after a successful Referendum.
  2. Entities that wish to establish a Dedicated Fee Unit shall submit a proposal to the main office of the Students’ Union by November 15th, of the year before the fee is to be implemented.
  3. The proposal must outline at minimum:
    1. The purpose of the fee;
    2. The amount, per student, per term, of the fee;
    3. Whether students are able to opt out of the fee;
    4. How the fee is administered to part time students, Augustana and off-campus students;
    5. Whether or not the fee applies to the Spring and Summer terms;
    6. Any other requirements specific to the type of fee being proposed.
  4. Upon receipt, the proposal shall be immediately forwarded to the Bylaw Committee.
  5. The Bylaw Committee shall approve within thirty (30) days from receiving the proposal, a petition question that reflects the original intent of the proposal and outlines the following:
    1. The purpose of the fee;
    2. The amount, per student, per term, of the fee;
    3. The composition of the committee or board overseeing administration of the fee;
    4. A provision for the appointment of minimum one Students’ Council member by Students’ Council to the board or committee overseeing administration of the fee, as a voting member;
    5. How the fee is administered to part time, Augustana, and off campus students;
    6. Whether or not the fee applies to the Spring and Summer terms;
    7. If any portion of the fee is for a University facility or service, a provision to guarantee access by any Students’ Union member to that facility or service; and
    8. If students may opt out of paying the fee, a provision for them to do so online, provided by the Students’ Union
  6. If the Bylaw Committee is perceived to have failed in this matter, the issue may be brought to the Disciplinary Interpretation and Enforcement (D.I.E.) Board of the University of Alberta Students' Union by the entity proposing the question.
  7. Students’ Council will not allow for the implementation of a Dedicated Fee Unit that:
    1. would cause the Students’ Council to breach its fiduciary responsibility to the Students’ Union; or
    2. supports activities that are beyond the scope and mandate of the Students’ Union as outlined in the Post Secondary Learning Act.
  8. For the purposes of determining the scope and mandate of the Students’ Union, Students’ Council will consider whether the activities that are in questions would
    1. provide services that directly benefit the University of Alberta campus community, including students in their pursuit of a post secondary education; or
    2. eliminate obstacles for students in their pursuit of a post secondary education at the University of Alberta.
  9. The entity wishing to establish a fee must return a signed, valid petition to the Chief Returning Officer of the Students' Union as per Bylaw 2200 in order to initiate a Referendum.
  10. Students’ Union services or operations may request that Council consider their proposed question for a Referendum on a Dedicated Fee Unit without conducting the petition subject to the following conditions:
    1. the question has been drafted by Bylaw Committee;
    2. the question satisfies all conditions outlined under section 3.5 of this bylaw; and
    3. if the referendum is successful, the service or operation ceases to be provided by the Students' Union
  11. Except as otherwise stipulated in this bylaw, any Referendum shall be conducted in accordance with Bylaw 2200.

4 Review

  1. Dedicated Fee Units shall be re-evaluated by plebiscite at least every five (5) years.
  2. The plebiscite question shall be drafted in the same manner as the original petition question, as outlined in Section 3.5 of this bylaw
  3. If a Dedicated Fee Unit fails to submit the proposed question by November 15, Bylaw committee will assume responsibility for drafting the plebiscite question.
  4. Bylaw Committee shall submit an approved plebiscite question to Students' Council for ratification by December 1.
  5. Upon ratification by Students' Council, the chair of Bylaw Committee shall notify the Chief Returning Officer of the approved plebiscite question.
    1. A representative from the board of the Dedicated Fee Unit, or designate, as outlined in the Bylaw 6000 Schedule shall be required to fulfill the role of side manager for the yes side of the plebiscite.
    2. The Chief Returning Officer shall put out a call for the side manager of the no side of the plebiscite in accordance with Bylaw 2200.
  6. Dedicated Fee Units may be amended or abolished only by:
    1. a joint resolution of Students’ Council and one other body, specified in the schedule; or
    2. Referendum.
  7. Dedicated Fee Units that wish to raise their fee beyond CPI must first hold a Referendum as per Section 3 of this bylaw.

5 Oversight

  1. Finance Committee shall be responsible for the oversight of all Dedicated Fee Units.
  2. Finance Committee may make requests for financial documentation from Dedicated Fee Units as deemed necessary.
  3. A Schedule detailing the following information for each Dedicated Fee Unit shall be maintained by the Vice-President Operations and Finance:
    1. a description of the fee;
    2. the amount of the fee;
    3. whether the fee increases and by how much;
    4. whether the fee is opt out;
    5. the next scheduled plebiscite date; and
    6. whether part time, off campus, and Augustana students are required to pay the fee
  4. Unless otherwise specified in the appropriate Schedule, all fees in the Schedules increase annually at a rate equal to CPI.
  5. For all fees with an opt-out mechanism, the Students’ Union shall exclusively provide for online opt-outs.

6 Conditions of Receipt

  1. In order for a Dedicated Fee Unit to receive funds from the Students’ Union, it must:
    1. fulfill all reporting requirements; and
    2. be fulfilling all relevant mandates, bylaws, and standing orders.
  2. No funds shall be disbursed to a Dedicated Fee Unit until such time as the Finance Committee has approved this disbursal.
  3. Where a Dedicated Fee Unit is in compliance with the conditions set out in 6.1, the Finance Committee shall approve the disbursal of funds by August 31 of that fiscal year or within four weeks, whichever is later.
  4. Finance Committee may postpone its disbursement decision if:
    1. there are any new inconsistencies or breaches from past years with the documents required during the relevant time period; and
    2. those new inconsistencies or breaches have not been rectified.