Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw 5600

A Bylaw Respecting Student Groups

1 Definition of Student Groups

  1. Any group is a Students' Union (SU) Student Group that registers as such with the Students' Union.

2 Mandate for Student Groups

  1. SU Student Groups shall act on behalf of and for their members.
  2. SU Student Groups shall serve their members in a way that is transparent, democratic, accountable, and fiscally prudent.
  3. SU Student Groups shall promote community, benefit their members, and be non-commercial.

3 Termination and Suspension

  1. The SU may terminate a SU Student Group's registration or suspend a SU Student Group's activities.
  2. The rationale for the termination or suspension shall be communicated to the SU Student Group in a timely manner.

4 Administration of Student Groups

  1. Student Group Services shall be responsible for the oversight and administration of student groups.

5 Student Group Grants

  1. The SU may offer student group grants.
  2. Student group grants shall only be available for student groups.
  3. Procedure for student group granting will be administered by Students' Council Finance Committee.