Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw 2500

A Bylaw Respecting Plebiscites for University Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees

1 Short Title

  1. This Bylaw may be referred to as the “Plebiscites for Non-Instructional Fees Bylaw"

2 Definitions

  1. In this bylaw
    1. “member” shall be anyone who is an undergraduate student currently enrolled in at least one course for credit at the University of Alberta;
    2. "C.R.O.” shall be the Chief Returning Officer of the Students’ Union;
    3. "council" shall be Students' Council;
    4. “general election” shall be the General Election of the Executive Committee and the Undergraduate Board of Governors or the General Election of Faculty Councillors;
    5. “plebiscite” shall be a vote, open to all members, held on a given question but whose result is not legally binding upon the Students’ Union;
    6. “side” shall be any person or group of people who have their registration as a plebiscite or referendum side accepted under this bylaw;
    7. “side manager” shall be a person registered as part of a plebiscite or referendum side who has been selected by those members of that side to serve as side manager for the purposes of this bylaw;
    8. “University” shall be the University of Alberta; and
    9. "Mandatory Non-Instructional Fee” shall be any undergraduate fee, not including tuition or student instructional support fees, levied and administered by the University of Alberta

3 Mandate

  1. This bylaw shall govern the initiation of the plebiscites for:
    1. the implementation of new University Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees; or
    2. any increase to existing Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees beyond the Alberta Consumer Price Index.
  2. This bylaw shall not govern Students’ Union Dedicated Fee Units, Faculty Association Membership Fees, Faculty Association Fees or Campus Association Transfer Payments.

4 Election Dates

  1. Plebiscites shall be held during the General Election of the Executive and the Undergraduate Board of Governors as per Bylaw 2200.

5 Plebiscite Initiation

  1. The Executive Committee will inform Students’ Council of any proposal to create a new Mandatory Non-Instructional Fee or to increase the cost of any existing Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees beyond the Alberta Consumer Price Index by January 15th in any given year.
  2. Students’ Council will review all proposals from Section 5 (1), and upon appropriate consultation, Students’ Council will:
    1. vote in support of approving the proposal; or
    2. refer the question to plebiscite.
  3. Where Students’ Council initiates a plebiscite under Section 5(2) b., then the plebiscite in question shall be held on the dates of the next general election, not occurring within thirty (30) days of receipt by the C.R.O of the initiation by Students’ Council of the plebiscite in question.
  4. Upon receipt of a submission meeting the requirements set out in Section 5(3), the C.R.O. shall immediately forward the intent of the question to the Bylaw Committee.
  5. The Bylaw Committee shall approve within fourteen (14) days from receiving the intent of the question from the C.R.O., a petition question which:
    1. fully reflects the intent submitted;
    2. if carried and acted upon, would not violate any Students’ Union bylaws or any federal or provincial law;
  6. Students’ Council shall, at the meeting following the drafting of the petition question by the Bylaw Committee as set out in Section 5(5), approve a question which meets the criteria set out in Section 5(5) unless the question would cause Students’ Council to breach its fiduciary responsibility to the Students’ Union.

6 Conduct of the Plebiscite

  1. The relevant provisions of Bylaw 2200 including but not limited to the rules, regulations and orders established by the C.R.O. shall govern the conduct of any plebiscite question initiated under this bylaw.