Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions of the Gov Week sessions. We still waiting for information about certain sessions, so watch for updates to this page between now and Gov Week (including the date, time and location of each event).

Highlight Sessions

Indigenous Governance and Partnership Panel

Location: SUB Atrium; Time: Monday, January 21, 11:30 am - 1 pm

The Aboriginal Governance and Partnership Certificate was the first Certificate program developed at the University of Alberta and has had 60 graduates since 2008. Over 30 partnerships have been established with Indigenous organizations and governments where students have applied their knowledge, and deepened their learning, by contributing to community-identified projects.

Graduates apply their Indigenous governance and relationship building skills in their communities (e.g. chiefs, executives, administrators), in governments (Alberta, NWT), and in the private and non-profit sectors.

This panel will feature some of these graduates, who will discuss how they have implemented Indigenous governance and partnership skills in their careers.

Free Coffee and Bannock Provided

Reclaiming our Space: Indigenizing Student Governance

Location: SUB Atrium; Time: Wednesday, January 22, 11:30 am - 1 pm

The Students’ Union, the Native Studies Students’ Association and the Aboriginal Student Council are partnering to host a panel with past and present Executives to discuss their experiences in student governance. The panellists will talk about the barriers of involvement and tokenism, but most importantly how their involvement fostered community. The panellists hope to motivate any indigenous students to join Student Governance to make their voices heard!

Provincial Candidates Forum

Location: SUB Atrium; Time: Thursday, January 24, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Details TBA.

Free Donuts, Hot Chocolate and Coffee Provided

Diversity in Governance: Fashion Show

Location: SUB Atrium; Time: Friday, January 25, 11:30 am - 1 pm

The University of Alberta is filled with such a unique group of students from different cultures and background. This diversity should be celebrated but also, we should think critically about how we can include these diverse voices at decision making tables. We should strive to have a level of understanding about each other in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation and build a welcoming environment on our campus. Come to the Diversity in Governance Fashion Show on January 25th at noon in SUB Atrium to watch our cultural groups showcase their cultural clothing, speak to you about how to actively involve them, and enjoy some delicious food.

Students' Council Open House

Location: SUB Atrium: Time: Tuesday, January 22, 4:30 pm - 6 pm

Curious as to what the Students’ Council is? Did you know these 32 Councillors are the highest governing body of the Students’ Union? As per new government legislation, they will now also make decisions on your Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees and Tuition Costs. Come enjoy a free pasta bar in the Students’ Union Building Atrium and meet the students who represent you. Interested in running? Come ask questions about how you can run in the upcoming election and attend a Students’ Council meeting with a presentation about Campus Safety and Security!

Wings and Things with your SU Executive Team @ RATT

Location: Room at the Top; Time: Wednesday, January 23, 6 pm - 8 pm

There is a team of 5 Executives, elected by undergraduate students, that represent you at every level of government, the University and stakeholders around Edmonton. Each year, you elect these Executives and now is your chance to come and enjoy some free wings and things (vegan options included!) with them. We have the President, Vice-President Academic, Student-Life, Operations and Finance and External. Curious as to what is it they do? Want to run for their positions? Have questions about their goals? Now is your chance too!

General Sessions

How to Lose an Election and Make Friends

Location: SUB 0-48; Time: Tuesday, January 22 @ 11 am

So often people are scared to get involved in elections for the fear of losing. Well, let it be known that losing an election is not something that should deter you from getting involved. Students Union President Reed Larsen and Arts Councillor Robert Bilak will explore both the good and bad sides of campaigning in student governance, talk about their advice on how to survive an election cycle, develop the necessary materials and relationships, and overall come out with good results and new friends no matter the outcome.

SU Election Tips and Tricks

Location: SUB 0-48; Time: Tuesday, January 22 @ 12 pm, Wednesday, January 23 @ 9 am, Friday, January 25 @ 3 pm

Thinking about running in an Election? Come to one of these one-hour sessions and listen to two former candidates provide you with the tips and tricks on how to run a campaign! There will be tips on how to do effective classroom talks and one-on-ones, and on managing a campaign team, preparing speeches, and more!

Hosted by: UASU Science Councillor Michelle Kim, UASU Arts Councillor Stephen Raitz.

Capital Plan Focus Group

Location: SUB 0-48; Time: Tuesday 22, January @ 2 pm, Thursday 24, January @ 9:30 am, Friday 25, January @10 am

In these sessions, the Students’ Union will be looking to ask students how we can sustainably mitigate the threat of deferred maintenance in the long-term while continuing to thrive on a short-term basis? In the Executive Elections in March, the Students’ Union is looking to ask students if they are willing to pay a levy to help update non-academic spaces on campus.

We would love to hear your thoughts, and for more information, comments or questions please feel free to contact the Vice-President Operations and Finance Emma Ripka at

Gov 101 (SUB 0-48)

Location: SUB 0-48; Time: Wednesday, January 23 @ 2 pm

Governance 101 has been designed to help you understand how decisions are made at the University of Alberta. What is governance? Who’s who? Who does what? How does it happen? How can I participate in decision-making?

The session offers information on the nature and principles of governance, the important elements of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, the three branches of governance (legislative, executive and judicial), the powers of the Board of Governors and General Faculties Council, and an overview about the history of the University of Alberta. Participants will receive helpful reference information, useful website addresses and contact information for University Governance staff.

Governance 101 will be hosted by Marion Haggarty-France, University Secretary, and the team in University Governance. The session will provide an integrated picture of how things are decided at the University of Alberta. Bring your questions! Link to RSVP:

Governance and Getting a Job

Location: SUB 0-48; Time: Wednesday, January 23 @ 3 pm

Involved on campus? Unsure of how to spin that to fit your resume? This session will be hosted by the Manager of Research and Advocacy of the Students’ Union where he will delve into how it is you can spin your involvement on campus into a strong, competitive resume.

Running to be an APIRG Board Member

Location: SUB 0-48; Time: Thursday, January 24, 3 pm - 4 pm

The Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APIRG) is a student-run, student-funded, non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, advocacy, and action in the public interest. APIRG exists to provide students with resources to be active citizens. Board members are responsible for overseeing all APIRG operations. This includes developing policy, setting organizational goals and priorities, reviewing all funding and collaboration proposals, hiring and managing staff, and assisting with community outreach and events. Come to this session to meet with the Chief Returning Officer of APIRG and current Board members to find out how you can be part of APIRG.

General Faculties Council Students' Caucus Meeting

Location: SUB 6-06; Time: Thursday, January 24, 5 pm - 6 pm

The General Faculties Council at the University of Alberta is the highest academic governing body - the Council that makes every single academic decision here at the University of Alberta. There are 158 members, with 40 student members. The GFC Student Caucus is chaired by the UASU VP Academic and is where all GFC Student Councillors meet to discuss the agenda and develop questions. Interested in what GFC does? Come visit the meeting and get some free pizza!

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