FAQ about GovWeek

What's the focus of GovWeek in 2017?

GovWeek 2017 will centre on five different governance themes throughout the week.

Monday - Introduction to Governance

What is governance? This is the question that many people ask themselves and it is one that often proves to be a barrier for students in itself. The events and sessions this day will provide a general introduction into what governance is and what forms it may take.

Tuesday - Capacity Building in Governance

Who makes the decisions on campus? Where and how are they decided? How can I make a difference in that decision making? These are all questions that will be answered on this day. Sessions and events will centre on university governance at all levels and what is needed to get elected and become part of the university decision making process.

Wednesday - Citizenship in Governance

The Wednesday theme will centre on what governance outside of the university context looks like. Whether that is lobbying, advocating to government, or governance completely removed from the university sphere, this day is meant to expose students to the plethora of governance forms.

Thursday - Student Groups in Governance

At the University of Alberta, student groups are fundamental in the governance process, and ensuring these groups function at their highest capacity is of the utmost importance. Sessions and events on this day will serve to both introduce the variety of student groups involved in governance to students, and to provide a space for current groups to strengthen and grow through skill building and knowledge sharing.

Friday - Diversity in Governance

While governance is wide reaching, there is no "one" type of person who participates in it. A multitude of identities also means a multitude of experiences, even within governance. This day will feature sessions and events that explore what diversity looks like in governance and how we can do more to make our governance systems more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

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