Day 39 - Crowd sourcing ideas via Facebook, tea time in the office, and lunch with the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, the UASU, and the GSA - June 24, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

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Top: There was a lot of discussion back and forth in 2-900 about what name to choose for the new coffee shop. I wanted to get an outside perspective, so I enlisted my friends to help out on choosing a popular name. I posed the question on Facebook and I was overwhelmed by 51 responses on the status/thread. This was a cool exercise in hearing feedback from the "public" (my Facebook friend network). In case you were wondering, the most popular name was "the Daily Grind."

Bottom-left: There are some magical moments in the office when a bunch of us head to the kitchen to prepare mid-afternoon tea. I don't think it was planned, but we all came out around the same time and chatted around the electric kettle for hot water. Tea time in the office - I like the sound of that.

Bottom-right: The SU and Graduate Students' Association (GSA) met with Dean Kerry Mummery, Director of Athletics Ian Reade, and Director, Operations Cheryl Harwardt from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the Faculty Club for our annual meet and greet. FPER is a leader across North America and one of the few integrated Phys Ed and Rec faculties that combines Academics, Athletics, Recreation Services, and Operations under one faculty. I was seriously impressed by what FPER offers and I'm inspired to check out more of their work. I'm making a point to attend more Golden Bear and Panda games this year and I want to get a tour of the GO Centre. I might have the number wrong, but Cheryl is responsible for $160 million worth of facilities and operations - she makes my job sound much easier.

Vp Operations And Finance