Day 30 - Last meeting in SUB 6-06 and SU umbrella vs. tornado warning - June 12, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

alt text

Top: SUB 6-06 is one of the better boardrooms with a nice space, sweet chairs, and a great view. I was part of the last group to use the room for a SUB Renovation meeting. Renovations start on the 6th floor tomorrow for the new Governance Centre, and it's going to be great. It'll be nice to have a dedicated space for those all those involved in Governance roles. The details are still coming together, but it's going to be very functional and beautiful.

Bottom: You appreciate rain protection so much more on days like these. Thankfully, we have some sturdy SU umbrellas to shield us from rain, hail, and whatever else nature throws our way. Oddly enough, the rain and wind all stopped whenever I needed to go outside and use the umbrella. Better safe than sorry, eh?

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