Executive team lays out milestones for 2011-12 year

Rory Tighe - Thu Jul 28, 2011

Hello Everyone!

The Vice Presidents and I have recently released a summary of our goals for the SU during 2011/2012. The format that we chose to outline our goals provides tangible and measurable outcomes and shows how they align with the Students’ Union's Strategic Plan.

The SU Executive power structure works on a flat line, meaning that the President and the Vice Presidents are on the same level within the organization. Although each executive is responsible for a specific aspect of the organization's actions, when it comes to goals, there are many areas of overlap and opportunities to work together. Because of these shared duties, the repetitiveness in some goals represents a collaborative project.

The role of the President is broader than the Vice Presidents, and generally includes coordinating the executive and setting the vision for the organization. I hope to work with at least one Vice President on each of my goals and also to help each Vice President achieve their own. The more aligned the Vice Presidents and I are in terms of our priorities and vision, the better for the organization.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge that attaining any of the goals below would not be possible without the support of all our staff. We have an incredibly intelligent, motivated, and dedicated contingent of staff that make the organization, and the executive, effective. Each of the goals that you see for any of the executive will likely require support staff work. I should also mention that in the SU, we are always standing on the shoulders of our predecessors. Our opportunities for success are often directly dependent on the work done by individuals who came before us.

Please feel free to contact me, or any of the executives, if you should have any questions.


Rory Tighe


2011/2012 SU Executive goals