Candidates for Vice President (Operations & Finance)

Fateh Arslan

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Hello, my name is Fateh and I am thrilled to be running for the University of Alberta Students' Union (UASU) election. As a student majoring in Business Technology Management, I have gained a deep understanding of how technology can be used to solve complex business problems. Additionally, I have experience in consultation, system management, system analysis, and project management. My goals for the UASU election are focused on making our campus more sustainable, socially, economically, and environmentally. I am committed to working with other members of the student union to address issues such as affordability, communication, and student advocacy. I am passionate about improving the campus food bank, and I believe that it is important to support our entrepreneurs and innovators.

As a student leader, I am committed to advocating for the needs and concerns of our student body. I believe that it is essential to maintain open communication with students to ensure that their voices are heard. If elected, I promise to work tirelessly to represent and serve the needs of our student community.

I am excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact on our campus, and I am confident that my experience, skills, and dedication make me the right candidate for the UASU election. Thank you for your consideration, and I ask for your vote to help me achieve our shared goals.

Vote Fateh Arslan for VP Operations and Finance to Guarantee Your Resources are Maximized!

Levi Flaman

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Hello! Bonjour!

My name is Levi Flaman. I am a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in East Asian Business Studies. I am currently a Faculty of Business councillor serving on the Students’ Union Students’ Council. And this year I am running to be your next Students’ Union Vice- President Operations & Finance for the 2023/24 academic year with three main objectives in mind.

First, I want to approach other student associations similar to ours such as the Students Association at MacEwan University and the NAIT Students’ Association with the intent of forming a Group Purchasing Organization.

Second, I want to reduce the reliance on student revenue that the Students’ Union takes in by diversifying our revenue streams to bring in more non-student revenue, which could lead to a reduction in price at our businesses that we charge our members or a reduction in our semesterly membership fee.

Third, I want to pursue and publish more student discounts for our members for various businesses or services they frequent thereby increasing the value of their SU membership. If you would like to know more, email me at, follow @leviforopsfi on Instagram, come to any of the UASU Elections forums being held, or check out The Gateway’s election coverage at

Thank you! Merci!

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