Ilya Ushakov

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Hi there, my name is Ilya and I’m running to be your Students’ Union President.

With a multimillion dollar renovation project in the works, provincial elections upcoming, and University budget cuts discussions, next year’s SU President needs to have a keen insight, in-depth experience and immeasurable passion to oversee all of these projects and face the important challenges.

During my term as Vice-President Student Life, I have learned a tremendous amount about the impact of the student voice within the University administration and the greater community. I have formed many relationships with a variety of stakeholders to move student needs in the right direction. In the entirety of my term, my commitment to bettering the student experience has driven me each and every single day and I would be honored to continue to represent all of you here at the University of Alberta.

The Students’ Union is here to support all students and I want to ensure that we increasing the accessibility of and communication from your Students’ Union. Openness and clarity is essential and will be my primary goal for the following year.

For a stronger community and a student focused Students’ Union, vote Ilya for President on March 7th and 8th and visit for more information.

Reed Larsen

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Hi there! My name is Reed Larsen, and I am running to be your next President.

2019 will present challenges and opportunities for the University of Alberta Students Unions that will need consistent, reliable, and experienced leadership.

As President, I would commit to ensuring that students’ rights are protected, post-secondary education is accessible and engaging the campus community in significant policy decisions. I will continue to champion the need for tenants rights, fight for predictability in international students’ costs, and push for more employment opportunities for students. Further, students should have a charter of rights, accessible washrooms, up-front grants, and a say in UofA cannabis policies and deferred maintenance.

Last year, I was honoured to be elected as your Vice President (External), and in the past two years, I have served on General Faculties Council, Students Council, and the University of Alberta Senate. I have worked hundreds of hours writing bylaws, developing policies, and advocating for students with the Students’ Union. This year I was the Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students and represented 100,000 students to the Government of Alberta, building relationships with government and overseeing wins like long-term mental health grants and increased university funding.

My Presidency would continue to bring that consistent, reliable, and experienced leadership to University of Alberta Students Union to build on these wins and more.

You can read more about these platform points, check out my campaign, and contact me anytime at, Facebook @reedlarsencampaign, or twitter @reedrllarsen

Shane Scott

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My name is Shane and I would like to be your next President. I have spent the last year serving as your Vice President Academic, representing students to the university, advocating on important issues like teaching assessments and international student tuition, all while working to build a stronger Students’ Union. It is important for the President to provide leadership on the executive team, in the Students’ Union and on campus more broadly, and I have proven that I lead with compassion, knowledge and integrity. I believe that together with a shared vision, we can create a Students’ Union that works for everyone.

My platform is centered on three central themes:

1) Realizing Student Priorities is rooted in my belief that the University should fund the projects students want to see on campus, the SU needs to collect feedback on its operations, and we must center our students needs in our advocacy to the government.

2) Enhancing Student Life centres around ensuring that the SU supports student groups, facilitates the committee of cultural groups, highlights aboriginal culture on campus, and successfully implements the Student Events Initiative.

3) Building Inclusive Campus is my commitment to champion student rights and equity on campus, provide inclusivity training for SU staff, to host a reconciliation gathering, and to improve accessibility for students with disabilities.

It is up to you to vote for a leader who will make a difference. Visit for more info, and on March 7th and 8th vote Shane for President.

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