Plebiscites & Referenda

2021 Plebiscites & Referenda

Golden Bears and Pandas Legacy Fund

Funds from the Golden Bears & Pandas Legacy Fund Dedicated Fee shall be distributed to the University of Alberta varsity athletic teams and the Athletics Department for the purposes of ensuring varsity athletic teams for the purpose of saving and stabilizing varsity athletic teams and for the promotion of varsity athletics. The criteria for the evaluation of funding applications shall include:

  • A requirement for applicants to match the amount of a grant for any given project:

  • Disclosure of all other sources of revenue for any given project, including funding from the University of Alberta, the Green & Gold Athletics Society, support groups, and funds raised by teams or student groups applying for funding:

  • Serious consideration with regards to the degree in which a project benefits the student population, which may be in the form of an opportunity to participate as a spectator, volunteer, official, or participant;

  • Priority is given to applications relating to the hosting of varsity athletic events, and those with a long-range plan or vision for the development of a project;

The Golden Bear & Panda Legacy Fund Committee consists of seven undergraduate students, which recommends funding allocations to the Students’ Union Finance Committee for final decision.

Approximately 50% of the fund shall be used as a sponsorship of the Department of Athletics; Approximately 30% of the fund shall be allocated to projects and special events; and Approximately 20% of the fund shall be kept in a reserve fund, not to exceed $200,000 at any time.

The Legacy Fund goes towards the following initiatives:

  • Provision of jobs and work practicum experience for University of Alberta students

  • Pre-season travel and hosting costs for varsity teams

  • Promotional campaigns to enhance the student experience and provide on-campus events (such as free food and purchasing mascot costumes)

  • Purchasing audio and video equipment to improve event experiences, promotional presence of Athletics, and webcasting

  • Provides funding to hire part-time assistant coaches

Proposed Fee Conditions:

  • The fee will be four dollars and thirty-seven cents ($4.37) and will be applied per semester per student (both part-time and full-time) enrolled in each Winter and Fall term.

  • The fee will not be assessed to students enrolled in the Spring/Summer semester or any students attending Augustana.

  • Students may not opt-out of paying the fee.

Do you support a four dollars and thirty-seven cents ($4.37) per semester fee to be used for the operation of the Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics teams and Department through the provision of the Golden Bears and Pandas Legacy Fund?


The U-Pass program provides universal transit access across Edmonton and six surrounding municipalities at a significantly reduced rate, providing more affordable transportation access to students and encouraging the use of public transit. The current U-Pass deal expires in August of 2021, and so a referendum is being held to renew the U-Pass program.

The U-Pass will cost University of Alberta undergraduate students $180 per semester for the years 2021-2025. The negotiated agreement will see no fee increase for the entire 4-year contract. The University of Alberta will no longer be subsidizing the U-Pass cost.

Generally, students cannot opt out of this fee: all full-time and part-time undergraduate students participate in the U-Pass program and pay the full fee, with the exception of Augustana students and students whose course locations are designated as online, as defined by the Registrar’s Office. Under certain circumstances, some undergraduate students will be exempt or eligible to opt out of the U-Pass program. New eligibility for opting out under this contract includes:

  • Students who receive Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

  • Students who are over the age of 65

  • Students whose primary residence is an exceptional distance outside of the regional transit service areas

Do you support a fee of $180 per term for universal student transit access across the Edmonton region?

The Gateway

The Gateway, founded in 1910, is a student-run campus newspaper and the only student-run media organization at the University of Alberta. The Gateway covers events on campus, U of A and Students’ Union governance, the achievements of students and academics, and SU elections. The Gateway also provides students a platform to voice their opinions on important issues.

The Gateway is a not-for-profit, funded by a Dedicated Fee Unit (DFU) and advertising revenue. The DFU, paid by all part time and full time undergraduate students except those at Augustana Campus, is a non-opt outable $3.54 per Fall/Winter semester and $0.54 per Spring/Summer fee, increasing with inflation, and is renewed every five years by a plebiscite.

The fee pays for:

  • Publishment of over 1000 articles each year, written by volunteers and staff from faculties across the U of A.

  • Opportunities for students to work in journalism

  • Provides a platform for volunteer contributors

  • Community projects such as

    • Guest columns series where organizations on campus are provided professional training in journalism
    • Honorariums to organizations to foster campus conversations.
  • Collaborations in the field of student journalism

Administration of the fee is overseen by the Gateway Student Journalism Society Board of Directors made up of 12 members: Two (2) volunteer representatives, One (1) Editor’s Representative, The sitting Editor in Chief, Two (2) Continuity Representatives, One (1) Community Representative, One (1) Student-at-large, One (1) Students’ Council representative, Vice-President (Operations and Finance) of the SU, One (1) Alumni representative, and the Gateway Executive Director.

Do you support the continuation of The Gateway’s $3.54 fee for Fall/Winter semester and $0.54 per spring/summer fee?

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