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Alex Dorscheid

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Hi everyone, my name is Alex Dorscheid, and I am a third year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Finance and minoring in Accounting. I decided to run for the Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Governors position for many reasons.

Firstly, I think we can all agree that the whipsaw between online and in-person classes aggravates us all. There is a solution for this that will allow for students to come back to school in-person as well as allow students to attend classes online if they cannot make it into class for whatever reason. This hybrid learning solution is something I will vehemently advocate to the board as a long-term solution that will drastically improve the accessibility of education for students as well as allow for in-person learning to continue where possible.

Secondly, I want to advocate for greater transparency on the Board of Governors. The amount of people I have talked to that have never even heard of the BOG is astonishing. To change this, I want to create a permanent Facebook and Instagram account for the BOG rep where there can be periodic updates constantly provided to students so they can keep up to date with what decisions are being made around the BOG.

As the BOG rep I also believe I have a fiduciary responsibility to students to stand up against tuition increases. I recognize we are in a tough time due to funding cuts, but I will still advocate to help make tuition more affordable.

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