Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

Levi Flaman
Levi Flaman Board of Governors Representative

Levi Flaman is the Student at Large elected to the University of Alberta Board Of Governors for the 2018/2019 academic year. Working towards a Bachelor of Commerce in East Asian Business Studies with a Strategic Management & Organization minor, he has been extensively involved with many endeavors on campus.

He first began representing Open Studies students with the University of Alberta Students’ Union Students’ Council in 2015 serving three terms as the Open Studies Councilor sitting on multiple committees and boards, in addition to serving two terms as the President of the East Asian Studies Undergraduate Students’ Association.

Elsewhere on campus, he has been employed by the Students’ Union for several years and a volunteer with Safewalk, as well as volunteering with University of Alberta International as a Senior Peer and Welcome Ambassador working with international and exchange students.

Levi hopes to bring his past experience in governance and student representation, combined with his knowledge of the university and the issues that pertain to the campus community as a whole to the board level to advocate in a way that results in the best decisions for both students and the University.

The Board of Governors (BoG) is the ultimate governing and decision making body on campus. Among many other things, it determines tuition fees, manages University property and finances, and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the University.

The Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative is elected directly by students to serve as a voice for the undergraduate body. They hold one of the 21 voting seats on the board, along with the University President and the Chancellor, the SU and GSA Presidents, academic and non-academic staff representatives, alumni representatives and members of the public appointed by the provincial government. The BoG Rep is also a voting member of Students' Council and General Faculties Council (GFC).

Board of Governors Committees

The Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative typically participates in a number of the Board of Governors' committees. Currently, the BoG Rep serves on the following committees:

Board Safety, Health and Environment Committee This committee monitors, evaluates, advises and make decisions on behalf of the Board with respect to all matters concerning environmental health and the protection of the health, safety and security of the University community and the general public at the University.

Board University Relations Committee
This committee monitors, evaluates, advises and makes decisions on behalf of the Board with respect to matters concerning the relations of the University with the community and government.

For information on all Board of Governors committees, please see the the Board of Governors home page.

Reports to Students' Council

Filename Date
Board of Governor's Report - 2018 (3) June 12, 2018
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