Political Policies

Political Policies

This version of Political Policies is out of date and intended to be an archive.

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Political Policies are statements of principle set out by the Students' Council that direct the Executive Committee in their advocacy efforts. They set out the formal position of the Students' Union on the political issues of the day. It then becomes the job of the Executive Committee to implement the political policies as they best see fit.

Policy Mesure Politique Expiration Date d'Expiration
Academic Materials Matériel Académique April 30, 2021
Assessment and Grading Évaluation et de Notation April 30, 2022
Augustana Campus No French Version Available April 30, 2023
Campus Saint-Jean Accessibilité linguistique du Campus Saint-Jean April 30, 2022
Capital Projects Projets d'Immobilisations April 30, 2022
Deferred Maintenance Entretien Différé April 30, 2021
Engagement Engagement April 30, 2022
Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (French version not available) April 30, 2022
Experiential Learning Apprentissage April 30, 2023
Food Alimentaire April 30, 2022
Health and Wellness Santé et Bien-Être April 30, 2021
Indigenous Students No French Version Available April 30, 2023
Internationalization Internationalisation April 30, 2022
Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees Frais non liés à l’Enseignement April 30, 2023
Nonpartisan (French version not available) April 30, 2022
Public Transit and Active Transportation Transport en Commun April 30, 2023
Quality Instruction Qualité d'Enseignement April 30, 2022
Residence Résidence April 30, 2023
Scholarships and Bursaries Bourses d'Études April 30, 2023
Sexual Violence Violence Sexuelle April 30, 2023
Student Employment Emploi d’Étudiant April 30, 2022
Student Financial Assistance Aide Financière aux Étudiants April 30, 2021
Student Poverty No French Version Available April 30, 2023
Student Space Espace Étudiant April 30, 2023
Students in Governance Étudiants dans la Gouvernance April 30, 2022
Students with Dependents No French Version Available April 30, 2023
Tuition Frais de Scolarité April 30, 2020
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