SUBstage Search

SUBstage Search

SUBstage Search will return in the fall 2019!

Twice every semester, the Students’ Union hosts a singer-songwriter competition called SUBstage Search!

After submitting auditions, four chosen performers compete for a spot in that month's SUBstage Sessions. How does the competition work? The 4 selected performers will each prepare a 15 minute set for the SUBstage Search performance at Dewey’s. The winner of SUBstage search will get the chance to perform an hour long paid gig on SUBstage the following week. Then on Friday the winner will get to participate in The Encore, which is a session where all the artists from that weeks SUBstage will perform on the same stage.

Voting is based on ballots submitted the night of, so if you are playing make sure to get your fans or friends out with you!

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