New This Year

New This Year

Every year we try to make Campus Cup a little different, while keeping the same core mechanics that have made it so successful. As more and more participants and teams register every November, the ability to do cool and unique things increases!

New This Year!

1. Participation Costs

This year we have had to up the price of people participating, we want to offer a better experience for all of our attendees, and need to adjust for shirt costs! The new price for participants will be $35 per player! You can however get reduced pricing if you do the Early Bird T-shirt Submission!

2.Early Bird T-Shirt Submission

This year we are adding an early bird submission time for t-shirts. If you team is able to submit their t-shirt design by this time you will be guaranteed to receive your shirt a week earlier then the other teams so you can do other customizations to your shirt! As well your team will pay last years price of $30 per player!

With this it will allow people the time to do those cool designs they want to add and not have to worry about such a time crunch to do so!

3.Referee Nicknames on shirts

This year we are also personalizing the referee shirts! if you are able to sign up to be a ref before November 6th, you will be able to get your nickname on the back of your ref shirt!

There is a 13 character limit, as well as all nicknames will be reviewed by the organizers!

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