Buy Textbooks

Save money – buy your textbooks used!

At the start of each term, SUBtitles sells used books and other academic materials for every faculty, right inside SUBmart!

All of our books are on consignment, which means other students have left their books with us so that we can help sell their books on their behalf. Revenues from used textbook sales go directly back to the student that consigned the book with us (less a small fee we retain to fund our operations).

Before you spend extra to buy new, check out our selection of used books in-store. You can save money and help your fellow students at the same time!

Due to the nature of consignment sales, all textbooks purchased are a FINAL SALE. There are exceptions to this rule at the beginning of each term. Check with SUBmart staff at the time of your purchase for more information.

If you’re interested in finding out more about consigning your own textbooks with us, please click here.

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