Theatre Renovation

Theatre Renovation

The Myer Horowitz Theatre plays a role on campus as a space to educate, entertain, and bring the campus community together. It is an essential resource that the University of Alberta uses to create moments for student and provide experiences in the arts, intellectual debate, and community events. The theatre serves as a venue for community events for both the campus and the city as a whole. The goal of this project is to restore and expand the Theatre’s ability to meet this vision, by bringing the design and technical elements of the Theatre up-to-date and judiciously expanding the flexibility and size of the pre-performance spaces to allow for a wider range of activities and programming.

Through intensive renovation, the SU will upgrade the Theatre to a fully modern and welcoming experience that continues to attract high-calibre performances and events. Planned upgrades and improvements include highly visible elements such as a newer and more comfortable seating, greater accessibility for all patrons and an inspiring and contemporary interior configuration. Renovations will also include crucial behind-the-scenes elements, such as improved acoustics, new sound and lighting equipment, a new control room, stage enhancements and a larger rehearsal space

Summary of Theatre Chamber Renovations

  • Replacement of chairs
  • Black slatted walls covering side and rear walls of the chamber to assist with acoustics
  • Installation of new light fixtures and sound system to enhance the experience of both the performer and audience member

Summary of Interior Lobby Renovations

  • Expansion to increase capacity
  • Maintain the central staircases in the heart of the lobby
  • Utilize finishes and furnishes to revitalize the space while maintaining its character
  • Plumed bar
  • Coat Check
  • Merchandising space
  • Plaster feature wall with light projections

Summary of Exterior upgrades

  • Building out and enhancing the exterior Theatre entrance for greater accessibility and visibility
  • Expanding and dramatically opening the current lobby to enable better functionality
  • Upgrading the box office footprint to more efficiently and comfortably serve users
  • Updating the current elevator to improve flow and greater handicap accessibility







Myer Horowitz Theatre
Students' Union Building
University of Alberta
8900 - 114 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2J7