Cases of Sexual Violence

Procedural Rights

Cases of Sexual Violence

If you make a complaint against a student who has sexually harassed or assaulted you, the University can take interim measures against the person you are accusing. Interim measures are accommodations to keep the person you are accusing away from you during the discipline process. Interim measures include removing the person from your class or residence, or having campus security monitoring the person to make sure they do not approach you. (Sexual Violence Policy s.; Sexual Violence Procedures s. 3)

All disclosures and complaints of sexual violence are confidential. (Sexual Violence Policy s. 5.a.v)

The processes used to adjudicate cases of sexual assault depends on who the accused person is. (Sexual Violence Procedures, s. 4)

  • If the accused is a student, the procedures are outlined in the Code of Student Behaviour.
  • If the accused lives in residence and the alleged incident took place in that residence, the procedures are outlined in the Breach of Residence Agreement.
  • If the accused is a student in a practicum placement, the procedures are outlined in the Practicum Intervention Policy
  • If the accused is a graduate student in a mentorship role to you, the procedures are outlined in the Graduate Student Assistantship Collective agreement;
  • If the accused is a postdoctoral fellow, the procedures are outlined in the Postdoctoral Fellows Discipline Procedure;
  • If the accused is an employee, the procedures are outlined in the Non-Academic Staff Agreement or the Association of Academic Staff.

If you are accused of a violation under the sexual violence policy, interim measures may be taken against you. Interim measures do not violate your rights, unless the discipline process takes an unreasonably long time.

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