Academic Rights

Academic Rights

Academic rights cover all aspects of your academic career, including your rights surrounding academic discipline.

Your course outline must include (Calendar):

  • Course description
  • Required textbooks and materials
  • Additional fees
  • Distribution of grades
  • Exam and assessment dates
  • Access to representative course material
  • Information on academic integrity and plagiarism

You have the right to be accommodated on the basis of religion, mental health, or physical health.

You have the right to access representative evaluative material for assignments or exams worth 30% or more of your course grade.

  • There are some exceptions to this in certain courses. (Calendar)

Instructors cannot require a medical note if you require accommodation due to illness. (Calendar)

Final exams cannot be worth more than 70% of your grade, or less than 30% of your grade. (Calendar)

If you fail a course, but receive a GPA of 2.0 or higher that term (including the failed course), you can apply for a re-examination in that failed course, if the final exam is worth 40% or more of the course grade.

  • There are exceptions to this for students in Medicine and Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy. (Calendar, under “Reexaminations”)
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