The Students’ Union Building plays a key role in the long-term financial viability and operational capability of the Students’ Union. From providing consistent, significant long-term business and lease revenue to ensuring that there are unique programming capacities for both the SU and student groups, SUB plays a central role in the SU's daily activities.

As a key facility on campus, the building needs to be kept current and relevant. The SUB renovation project is intended to address current weak spots in how the building has developed over time, and is a significant update. The project is designed to achieve two important long-term goals: ensuring that the building continues to be kept up-to-date and well-maintained, and encouraging student involvement in campus groups, events, and volunteer opportunities.

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More specifically, the project will

  • Significantly expand social and study space;
  • Provide improved facilities to support our more than 400 student groups, including additional bookable spaces;
  • Create an involvement centre that connects students with volunteer and student group opportunities, and works with the University to promote the many academically-oriented involvement options available to students;
  • Rearrange SU-operated student services to enhance accessibility; and
  • Create a student governance centre, incorporating student elections, student legislative offices, and Discover Governance, a student-directed governance advisory service.

Project Timeline

The project was approved in a student referendum held in March 2012. Before work can begin, the project must go through a number of steps. The schedule (and status) of these events is shown below:

  • June – July 2012: Building stakeholder consultations: The Students’ Union consulted with SUB occupants to assess needs and receive feedback on building configuration options.
  • August – December 2012: Schematic Design Report: The deliverables of this phase are drawings and documents containing a number of design and construction options, cost implications and limitations, time restrictions, and a recommended solution depicting general concept and functional requirements of the project. *
  • November - January 2012: Students-at-large consultations: Several informal presentations and an Open House were held in November and December; approximately 75 people attended the Open House. A second set of students-at-large consultations, including another Open House, will take place in January 2013.
  • February 2013: Design Development Report: This phase sees the preparation of design drawings to determine more precise aspects of planning, appearance and construction. Outline specifications will be developed plus any other documents which will illustrate and define the design concept in terms of siting, form, character, materials, structural system, mechanical and electrical systems, building automation systems, building envelope and other relevant details. *
  • Mid-2013 - Summer 2014: Construction Phase


  • A copy of the original Stakeholder Presentation is available here.

  • A copy of the architect's Feasibility Study is available here.

  • A copy of the Schematic Design Report is available here.

* Content from University of Alberta Design and Construction Standards and Guidelines

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